Sunday, January 06, 2013

A night of illusion

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Visiting Orihuela for the Cabalgata de los Reyes Magos was an eye opener for us.

We’d read that the parade was due to start at 6pm(ish). Clearly that was not going to be the case. However, as the clock neared 7pm, the streets were becoming filled with people vying for the best positions.

Since the event is supposed to be for children, you would expect most of the folk to be families but that was not the case; there were as many adults without children there to watch. I say watch but in fact the main attraction turned out to be the float at the end of the parade where all the presents were stored. The helpers on that float were throwing the gifts out to the crowd who then fought to catch them. As it happens, Pamela did manage to get one but only because the people in front missed it.

On our way back, we caught the parade again and this time it was clear that there was a gang of children and adults who were tagging alongside the last float to try and get as many presents as they could - we saw some with arms full. It did occur to us though that there may well be families where these free gifts are the only ones that the children receive this year.

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