Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Pecuniary interests

Any change in the status of land to allow housing to be built is a huge benefit to the owners because it means the value of their holdings increases dramatically.

The changes to sectors D6, D8 and D12 made at a recent council meeting will greatly affect those who own land there including local councillors. The socialists in Bigastro recognised this could have influenced voting in the council regarding these matters and said that the parties involved should have abstained from the vote. They cited Charo Bañuls, Aurelio Murcia and Fernando Moya as possible beneficiaries of the changes in land status and requested a declaration of their financial interest in this matter.

That request has now been denied by Charo Bañuls - a move which the socialists say cast doubt on the integrity of those who voted to convert Sector D8 to land which could be built upon.

PS I well remember that the PP accused the socialists of something similar when they were in power. If I recall correctly, one of the owners of Eurener was said to be related to the then deputy mayor when the company was sold land to build premises the other side of the by=pass.

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