Monday, January 21, 2013

Bottoms out girls


The girls from the Comparsa La Sal de Torrevieja - "las Guapas" prepare for the big day at the Cultural Centre "Virgen del Carmen".

Girls from this troupe have been performing in parades around the world for 25 years and now they are to take part in the celebrations for Chinese New Year in Hong Kong.

Apart from being very pretty, the girls need to be very fit to parade with costumes that can weigh up to twenty kilograms and measure up to 3 metres in height. They also need to be coordinated and expressive in their body language. 

Conchita Mercader Valdés, along with her atelier at La Mata, have made ​​creativity their profession. In their workshop are thousands of the most amazing carnival costumes.

Valdés works alongside Cavazzonia Massimo, the technical director to create the magic that characterises the troupes performances and Cristina Romero, the captain helps to make it all happen on the day. 

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