Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The medical centre

We were chatting today in Spanish about health matters. We had explained to our teacher that the three of us did not have private medical insurance. Instead we relied upon the services of the state system which we found to be generally very good.

Antonio then asked if we had attended the medical centre in Bigastro - “many times” was our reply. He went on to ask our opinion of the place and I explained that it was essential to know your place in the queue otherwise someone (usually a lady of mature years) would try and jump ahead of you.

Our teacher went on to explain that the medical centre was actually a meeting place as much as it was a place where sick people went to see the doctor and that you would find the same people in there every day. In fact, if anyone was missing on a particular day it was usually because they were not well! Also, the signs around the waiting room which asked you to be quiet were of course not obligatory. Antonio told us if you were really not feeling well, then the best time to go was after about 1:30pm when most had gone home to prepare lunch or on Thursday when the same  ladies would meet at the market instead.  

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