Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Not my recommendation you understand

I found this article in the Leader newspaper about La Herradura restaurant – their words not mine.

The Leader Newspaper is delighted to invite you to a number of outstanding shows that are being held later this month at the renowned La Herradura Restaurant in Los Montesinos. The restaurant is nominated by the Trip Adviser holiday website as one of the very best restaurants on the Costa Blanca.

La Herradura is a restaurant that is swamped in history dating back over 130 years to the early 1880’s. Today it is a tourist attraction as well as an excellent restaurant because it is considered the oldest and best preserved building in the town of Los Montesinos.

What makes this restaurant unique and extremely popular are a number of features that, over the years, have attracted well know personalities such as Arthur Millar, Sheila O'Flanagan, Jo Creswell, Duarte Pinto Coelho and the bullfighter Jesulín Ubrique, El Juli, at the time that he was at the peak of his fame. The restaurant has also prepared meals for footballer Fernando Torres and the former National Football team manager Camacho. All have been drawn by the fantastic food, ambience and history.

La Herradura is a typical Spanish restaurant offering the very best in Spanish cuisine using only fresh products in the province of Alicante.

Besides its good food and excellent service, The Leader has chosen La Herrudura because of the unique and fabulous live shows that it regularly provides. The ambience of the restaurant creates an  the atmosphere  that makes you  feel as if you have been transferred back to 1880 as you immerse yourself in a building that comes to life with a history of it’s own.

See the many different rooms in the restaurant which are all now open to the public, each of which provides an insight into how Spanish families lived over 100 years ago.  There is a bodega cellar where you can smell the wood, grapes, wine and times gone by. Private rooms which are perfect for family, There is an Andalusian patio that speaks of the influence of Andalusia culture in our area in 1880 where Canovas Del Castillo, President of the First Republic in Spain, stayed. It is for this reason that The Leader would like to invite you to become a part of the history of this wonderful country, which has captivated us all.

The days that are especially organised to reflect on the various cultures’.

January 24 (Thursday)
Experience a Flamenco night, different from anything you’ve ever seen. We will have a flamenco group featuring two guitarists, two singers and two dancers.

January 25 (Friday)
Latin night with the Cuban band "Chocolate Son". We will bring the hot rhythms of: Salsa, Merengue, etc that will make us awaken in our chairs with the rhythm in our bodies.

January 26 (Saturday)
Flamenco Night with a special surprise performance that will make you feel the real Andalusian flamenco running through your veins.

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