Friday, January 18, 2013

Is she jinxed?

Pam’s new iPad went on the blink four weeks after she’d bought it. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, it would cycle on and off going back to the Apple screen whenever she tried to do anything with it. Eventually the iPad gave up and told me to reinstall the software and hardware which I did.

That made no difference, once I had reinstated all the settings etc from iCloud, the iPad went back into the same cycle of switching on and off. There was nothing else for it, the iPad went back to Apple for investigation and now we have the result. Apple say that, after exhaustive testing, they cannot reproduce the problem. They do go on to say that they have installed the latest software and firmware (something I had already done) so who knows. The iPad is currently on its way back to Spain.

Last night, Pam’s phone decided it had no SIM card installed. Switching the phone off and back on did nothing, removing the card and reseating it made no difference. I tried my SIM card in Pam’s phone and that worked. I then tried her SIM card in my phone and got the same reply, “insert SIM card”.

I know that these little pieces of plastic with their multitude of gold connectors can go faulty but after all the years she has had it why?

The only conclusion I can come to is that Pam is emitting some weird electro magnetic  forces via her fingers that magically corrupt electronic devices. For the moment, I am keeping the TV remote under my control just in case and as for my cameras – don’t even go there!

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