Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The potential for savings

According to the auditors, Torrevieja saved 46,194 euros by introducing energy saving measures for the lighting in Los Altos and Los Balcones. Based on this evidence, the mayor says that they could save 500,000 euros per year if the same measures were applied to the whole town.

Unlike some towns in the area, these savings have not been achieved by turning lights off but rather by installing energy saving bulbs, by eliminating duplication, by adjusting the timing of lights and reducing lighting in parks and gardens that are closed at night.

In the areas of San Roque and New Torrevieja, the installation of LED lights has brought about a saving of 60% in electricity consumption. In time the town therefore  intends to replace all of the existing bulbs with this modern style of lighting.

NB Although expensive to buy for the home, LED lights promise both a saving in consumption and a much longer life that even the so called low energy bulbs.

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