Friday, January 11, 2013

The growth of the internet in Spain

You would think that the economic crisis and the high price of handsets would have slowed down the growth of the smartphone market in Spain but no. It seems that Spain is the country in the EU with the largest number of these technological marvels; 63.2% of phone users in Spain have a smartphone with the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy leading the field. Compare those numberswith the United Kingdom (62.3%), France (51.4%), Italy (51.2%) and Germany ( 48.4%).

More than 6 million Spaniards, a quarter of all Internet users, are permanently connected to the world wide web via their phone. It is why you see so many tapping away at their screens as they enjoy a coffee and a croissant in local bars.

Lower prices for voice data packages and reduced prices for the phones have been the driving forces for this change. In 2011 the number of users grew by 59% and rose again by 68% in 2012; in total it is said there are more than 20 million people connected by their mobile phones in Spain. Add to that the fact that 67% of households now have a fixed broadband connection and you get the picture of a net savvy country.

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