Saturday, January 19, 2013


Those who might have been worried that Pam was going to be deprived of all means of communication following the failure of both her mobile phone and iPad need not concern themselves any more.

A quick trip to the Vodafone shop in the Habaneras brought her phone back to life with a new SIM card (cost a very reasonable 5 euros). Then later in the day, TNT delivered her iPad back and I am pleased to say (fingers crossed here) that it seems to be working OK. Maybe the tablet just needed a wave of the technicians magic wand after all.

PS As it happened the return of the iPad depended on the mobile phone because Apple had neglected to put the name of our street and the house number on the packet. So, the courier had to phone Pam’s mobile to find out where we lived. That was a stroke of luck – no working mobile would have meant no iPad.

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