Tuesday, January 22, 2013

An ambitious plan

I found this article in the Coast Rider. It outlines an ambitious plan to create a link between existing pathways and cycle routes in the area to provide a healthy alternative to a day out in the car.

The Mayor of Torrevieja Eduardo Dolón accompanied by the councillor for town planning and the environment Francisco Moreno and the city architect Victor Costa presented the outline plans for what will be an ambitious and innovative environmental project in Torrevieja which when completed will provide almost 85 km of footpaths and cycle ways. The idea of the project is to provide increased access around the natural parks of the Torrevieja and La Mata lakes, improved and complete access along the shoreline from the south of Torrevieja to La Mata and better access for pedestrians and cyclists through the town itself to current and future planned green areas such as the sports facilities, the Albentosa Park and eventually la Hoya. Currently there are a few elements of this plan in place but none of them are interconnected, for example along the shoreline which when this section of the green corridor is complete will consist of a continuously accessible 17 km. The same is true of the natural lakes. At the moment there is part access around the lake of La Mata but the intention of the plan is to provide routes around both lakes and join these together. This will provide an unbroken circuit of around 23 km accessible to pedestrians and cyclists.

The overall project will be broken down into a number of separate phases involving appropriate construction and the opening and improvement of existing access lanes where necessary. The Mayor said that the project is open to further ideas and participation from the public before the details are completely finalised. When completed the Mayor said the project will give a boost to the resources to attract tourists to the town and at the same time give a clear message about Torrevieja’s commitment to sustainability and the environment.

The Mayor announced that the first part of these plans is for immediate action. This will be the creation of a paseo from the playa de los Naufragos to La Valeta urbanisation and cycle lanes connecting the city centre via calle Bazán and Avenida Delfina Viudes to the planned new market area and the city of sport. Lastly there will be improvements made to the coastal zone at playa del Acequión and also linking playa de los Locos with playa del Cura via Punta Margalla.

When we went to Portico Mar restaurant, I noticed there is now a path for cyclists and pedestrians from that urbanisation which I presume carries on to Guardamar. I also recall that Bigastro had plans to establish paths in the area of La Pedrera but that was before the Socialists decided to sell off the land instead. Maybe, at some time in the future, the plan will be reinstated and we will have proper walking routes in the area close to my house.

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