Tuesday, January 08, 2013


There are some who are extremely vain about their appearance and will go to extraordinary lengths to retain a youthful look. In particular, when you see so many pop stars of my age (a youthful 66 since the 3rd of this month) with a full head of black hair it does raise your suspicions. After all my hair has been disappearing for years; I reckon that is why Juan charges me so little to keep it in trim. Not only that but my hair is now white when once it was a dark lustrous brown.

The person who amuses me most in the this respect is the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi. I just can’t look at him without wondering about his hair because it doesn’t look at all real to me.

We know that the media tycoon had a hair transplant in 2004 because he has admitted to it but it still looks odd. To make matters worse, it seems to change from day to day which surely is not normal.

Experts have shed light on this situation by explaining that Berlusconi uses a collection of sprays, powders and make-up pencils to fill in the gaps that the transplant left and certainly a pencil to give definition to the hairline. Apparently, if he’d had a better transplant none of this would be necessary. 

Imagine having a morning routine where you had to spend so much time trying to make your hair look real. Brushing my teeth and giving my face a once over with soap and water is as much as I can cope with but then I am not an Italian and I am not in the media eye, nor do I have intentions to try and charm young ladies fifty years younger than me. 

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