Sunday, January 13, 2013

Making a claw back

After a year during which the percentage of Spaniards with a good opinion of the King dropped from 72% to 50%, it was time for Juan Carlos to try and reconnect with the people.

In a televised interview late on Friday night, he spoke about the economic crisis. "The lack of work, which means millions of families cannot live with dignity and that young people have to leave Spain to find whatever they can working abroad, that hurts us a lot, and it hurts me especially."

Fine words, however few will forget that last year he was injured whilst taking part in an expensive safari to hunt elephants in Botswana nor that the husband of his youngest daughter was accused of embezzling funds in the same year.

During the interview, the King took the opportunity to remind his people of his role in the transition to democracy following the death of General Francisco Franco. He also made it clear that he has no intention of abdicating to hand over the throne to Crown Prince Felipe.

It is interesting that, whilst Queen Elizabeth seems to be gaining popularity in England, Juan Carlos is losing ground here in Spain. I suppose some of it may be down to the difference  in the views people hold about the two potential heirs to the throne.

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