Thursday, January 10, 2013

Buy a ticket - win a pig

On Sunday, 20th January, Bigastro will be celebrating the day of San Anton, the patron saint of animals.

Some would argue that the title properly belongs to Saint Francis of Assisi but no matter we will stick with Saint Anthony the Abbot: born in 251 at Heracleus, Egypt, died in 365 and whose feast day is actually the 17th January.



Those who are awake at 8:30 am can go along to the town square to see the prizes for the raffle and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and churros. At that time of day, you’ll probably need something warm inside you!

At 11:00 am there will be a blessing for the horses followed by mass at 12am. At 1pm there will be a further blessing for the other animals.

Finally the raffle for the two pigs will take place.

Bear in mind these will be live pigs that you need to house, feed and look after. They say that there is no waste with a pig which means that they will generally eat anything you give them but they will need some form of shelter and they will grow to be large animals.

I think I’ll pass on the raffle.     

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