Friday, January 25, 2013

Flamenco at La Herradura

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Pam and I like La Herradura Restaurant - just outside Los Montesinos. It is one of a few restaurants in the area that we have visited many times. In fact were there on Christmas Day for lunch and we were there last night for dinner.

The restaurant caters well for British and Spanish alike. Last night there was a large party of Spaniards dining in the courtyard. At the same time there was a flamenco show going on in the main building and that is where we were. 

These four men treated us to a variety of singing styles which included opera and popular music along with more traditional flamenco pieces.They were very good entertainment.
Determined not to use flash, I had to cope with the ordinary lighting in the room which was not bright to say the least. Still, I got some pictures which I believe convey the atmosphere of the event. 

PS Is it just me or does that singer look a bit like Tony Blair?

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