Monday, January 28, 2013

They always spoil it for others

Bike hire in cities is such a great idea, It means that you can get around without having to struggle to park and travelling by bike is often quicker than by car. Pam and I were very impressed by the system in Barcelona which seemed to be very popular. In Alicante bike hire is run by a company called Alabici.

The problem they are facing in Alicante though is vandalism which have cost the company 24,000 euros in two years. People try to steal the bikes by breaking the locks that hold them in place. In doing so they damage the bikes, the anchors and the electronics that operate the system.

The only answer is to withdraw the bikes at night in those areas most vulnerable which seem to be near parks and other green zones. Such a shame because the honest people who use the service will be the ones to suffer.

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