Friday, January 25, 2013

The effects of the wind

With a wind that was gusting at 60kmph, the local fire crews and police were kept busy yesterday morning.

  • Police had to cordon off the area around the Colegio Santo Domingo in Orihuela so that council workers could remove two palm trees that had collapsed.
  • Elsewhere the services were kept busy attending to cornices, roofs, lights and power lines that had blown down.
  • In Molins, the wind tore off the tin roof of a house and deposited in the yard of a house 50 metres away -nobody was injured.
  • Fallen trees also blocked roads and caused delays including the road from Bigastro to Molins, the N-340 and the N-332.

By the afternoon, the wind had started to calm down and today there is just a light breeze blowing.

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