Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How can they afford this?

There is now a question mark about whether Wayne Rooney will stay at Manchester United or take a lucrative offer to play in the Chinese Super League. The current window of opportunity closes at the end of this month.

When asked about this, Jose  Mourinho has said you need to ask Rooney. He has no intentions of forcing the player out, in fact he would like him to stay with the club. However, he doesn't seem to want to play Rooney and admits that the team plays better without him.

This just highlights the crazy world of football where money does not seem to matter. Wayne Rooney is paid an incredible £300,000 per week for sitting on the bench. Where else would anybody paid even a fraction of that for essentially doing nothing?

Since he signed his last contract in 2014, Rooney has cost the club £47,007,080. Each year he earns (I use that word lightly)  £15,600,000. Surely, there must be someone at United, if not Mourinho, who sees the sense in encouraging Rooney to go.

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