Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Our biggest concern

We are already suffering as a result of Brexit and Article 50 hasn't even been triggered, As soon as the vote was counted, the pound lost strength meaning we got fewer euros each month. People said, don't worry it will be temporary, the pound will pick up in time. Well that hasn't happened yet and there is no sign of it happening in the near future.

As worrying as that may be for us, it is totally eclipsed by what may happen to our entitlement to free health care. As things stand, Britain reimburses Spain for our healthcare under a reciprocal agreement. All that may go unless some alternative agreement is made before Brexit is finalised.

It is a requirement for our continued residence that we have provision for our healthcare just as it is a requirement that we have a sufficient income to maintain ourselves. When Pam and I went to renew our "residencia", those were the two basic proofs that we had to show before receiving our cards.

Unless there is some agreement made for post Brexit, we will be in limbo. Spain cannot and will not foot the bill for us. Our choices would be to either pay for private health care or return to Britain.  We won't be kicked out because we have permanent residence status, just won't be able to visit the doctor or get treatment in hospital.  

There has already been a lot of talk about what will happen to the status of EU nationals living in Britain but very little about British nationals living in the EU.

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