Monday, February 06, 2017

Windy weather

That was some wind that blew yesterday and looking at the graph you can see how it came from nowhere. It reached its peak at about 2pm in terms of gusts and then started to calm.

However, spare a thought for those in the north of the Province where the highest recorded speed was 163 kilometres per hour (over 100mph) in the Reconco mountain range.

Speeds of 142 were recorded at the Castle of Misrat, in the Valley of Gallinera, and 134 km per hour in Gaianes. The wind also reached 124 km per hour in Agres, 118 in Xixona, 116 in Parcent, 113 in Algorós (rural part of Elche), 109 in El Poble Nou in Benitatxell, 108 in Ibi and 105 in Benissa, According to Avamet and Meteoclimatic data.

Of course, to add to our problems here, we had a power cut. At first it flicked off and came back on - that happened a couple of times. Then it went off and stayed off for an hour or so.

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