Sunday, April 05, 2020

A dear friend

It is Palm Sunday, a day when I should be down in the park taking photos of bigastrenses in their Sunday best.

Sadly, we are all confined to quarters.

This photo dates back to Palm Sunday, 2017 when we met up with Antonio, (who taught us Spanish) on the way to the park.

Sadly, Antonio is no longer with us and we miss him a lot. He and I had a similar sense of humour and were great friends even though we had only lnown each other for a few years. 

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vv said...

Hello Keith
I have followed your blog since you started it and have admire how you have merged into the culture of Bigastro and Spain. I am sorry that Antonio is not with you- he looks a really nice bloke.
We have visited Alicante province since 2001 where we have a small apartment. We did have the idea of taking up full residency like you and Pam but, for one reason or another, we have not managed it. We returned from Spain after a short break on 7 March. There were hardly any cases in Spain then but by the following Saturday the country was in full lockdown. No idea when we will get back. Let's hope that the virus can be beaten.
We are also retired teachers. And I also have a B.Ed from the University of Nottingham (1970). We were the second year to have the opportunity and I have never regretted it. Reading your teaching blog took me back as well to some of those difficult classes. In truth, the B.Ed did little to prepare you for classroom management and dealing with disaffected pupils. I remember one class in my probationary year that had a lad called Kevin Winters. He was huge and in one lesson he was being really bad. After some time I invited him to leave the room and as he (meekly) went he said to me, 'About time, too!'. I git on with hum famously after that. He was a good lad but school was not his thing.
Good luck to you both and stay safe. Keep blogging as well!
William D Taylor