Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Masks for all

Volunteers in Bigastro have been busy making masks to protect us from coronavirus. So far, they have made 800 in 24 hours.

The distribution of these masks will be carried out by municipal personnel authorised for this purpose. They will ring your bell and deliver them to you by hand.

The maasks are washable, and can be worn for many days if you take care of them properly.
It is recommended that you do not wash them with corrosive products (bleach and similar), because they are in direct contact with your skin, and these products can irritate you. Just use nuetral soap and they will be fine.

You will need to be a little patient, because it will take several days to reach all homes in the town.

Remember that one mask will be delivered per adult person living in the house. Kids can't go out on the street so they don't need a mask.

Let's be responsible, because stock is limited, and don't ask for more masks than you need.

PLEASE NOTE This is not an April Fool's joke - this is from an official notice by the Town Hall. 

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