Thursday, March 25, 2021

Catch 22

UK citizens risks a £5,000 fine if they try to leave the country without a valid excuse. Going on holiday is apparently not a valid reason to travel. Work, education or medical treatments are the main exemptions. 

However, you can visit an estate agent, developer sales office or show home abroad.  You can also travel to view residential properties to rent or buy or to prepare a property for moving in.

Tough luck if you want to visit your new home for a holiday though. Once you’ve bought your place in the sun, you won’t be able to make use of it as things stand. Unless of course you say you're preparing it for rental like the PM's father, Stanley Johnson, did during a previous lockdown. 

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vv said...

Johnson flew to Greece via Bulgaria and then booked a second onward flight. Direct flights between the UK and Greece were banned at the time. He was on holiday really with photographs showing him swimming and sunbathing!

He is not going to be inconvenienced in any way by Brexit. He is applying for a French passport to maintain the right to move freely around the EU. The rest of us have to lump the mess that Brexit has made. One rule for the elite, another for the rest of us.

We come to Spain using the pretence of preparing our small flat for rent. But it would not be true and who can risk a £5,000 fine?

The UK is fast becoming a one party dictatorship. I honestly think that most people are politically illiterate and have no idea what is going on.