Saturday, March 27, 2021

Stay safe

When we went to see Juan Diaz, the hairdresser, he told us his brother had been in hospital with Covid 19 and although he was now at home, he was not at all well. Earlier this month, we learnt that the father of our dear friend, Fonta had died of Covid. 

When you know someone who has been affected, especially someone who has died, it brings it home to you how seriously you need to take this virus. 

Several times whilst we were at the hairdressers, Juan repeated the fact that Covid 19 was now rife and that the situation was worrying. 

The gardener is here this morning and he says much the same. Covid numbers are on the increase  

 The figures now show there have been 666 cases in Bigastro and 8 deaths. 

Of course, we would feel much safer if the vaccine rollout had gone as planned but as I have already reported, Valencia is still vaccinating over 80s with Pfizer-BioNTech and only giving the Astra Zeneca jab to under 65 year old teaching staff. 

In spite of the relaxations in rules, there is still the need for great precaution. 

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