Sunday, March 21, 2021

Just checking

 Following on from my post about gas supply, our gas supply came back about lunchtime on Friday. I took the precaution of going outside, turning the supply tap off and back on just as we do after they conduct the regular 4 yearly check of the system. Whether that was what did the trick or not I can't say but we do have heating and hot water again. 

One of our neighbours, who lives on Calle Escocia, has just been round to say that he still has no gas. He tells me that a delivery was made to the storage tanks on Thursday. When a delivery is made, he says they turn off the supply to houses and then turn it back on once the tanks are full but sometimes they forget.

If you look on your bill, there is a number to contact in case of problems. Perhaps someone on Calle Escocia could call them and let the company know there are still issues with supply there. 

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