Thursday, March 25, 2021

When you are ready

 I remember, last March, Boris Johnson telling us all that Coronavirus would all be over in 12 weeks. Twelve months later and we are told there won't be an end to this, we will live with this virus for ever.

Whether that is true or not I cannot say. We'd like to think that there will be at least a semblance of normality to look forward to. For us that would mean visiting the family in the UK whom we haven't seen for 12 months. 

One of the conditions for travelling at the moment is that you have a test to show that you are negative and we wondered where you might get such a test here in Spain. 

We know that you can book a test in England with the NHS. In fact they are sending out test kits to people to save you even that inconvenience. But here I don't think things are that simple.

I came across an advert on social media that might answer the question. This is a clinic on the coast that offers a test  with a result that day.

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