Monday, July 19, 2021

Brazen it out

 When Dominic Cummings was let of the hook for his rule breaking trip to County Durham, Johnson was accused by many of being out of touch with public opinion on the matter. When he dismissed the claims that Priti Patel was a bully, he lost even more credibility. Then there were issues with Robert Jenrick and his granting planning permission to a party donor. The funding of redecoration at No 11 showed that the PM was happy to use party funds if he could get away with it. When Hancock was caught breaking his own rules, Johnson's first reaction was to dismiss it saying the matter was closed. Without all the adverse publicity and public pressure, Johnson would likely have brazened it out. 

The latest act was to try and use some little known get out scheme to allow him and Sunak to avoid isolation following a ping from Track and Trace. Only when scores of MPs told him it was a bad idea did he back track and change his mind. It isn't as if Jonson would be holed up in a terrace house in Bradford for his isolation, he will luxuriate in his country mansion for the 10 days with every need and wish taken care of. 

I can't decide whether the PM is too thick skinned to care about these things or whether he thinks he is is so popular that he can continue getting away with all this nonsense. 

As I have said before, if his Freedom Day backfires as it well could, his party and the public will turn upon him. 

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