Thursday, July 22, 2021

Not happy bunnies

 England is experiencing an unprecedented heatwave with temperatures up to 30 degrees during the daytime. With very few houses having air conditioning, people are sweltering indoors especially at night when it will be difficult to sleep. Fans help but as we learnt early on here in Spain, they simply circulate the hot air giving the sensation of cooling rather than actually cooling.

Of course, nobody would install air conditioning on the basis of a few days of high temperatures but if this is the start of a pattern of weather to come. they may have to consider it long term.

Just to add to the misery, the rise in cases of Covid has resulted in large numbers of people being pinged by the NHS app. Once pinged as having being in contact with someone with Covid symptoms, they are expected to self isolate. The large numbers of people self isolating has lead to shortages of workers in key industries like the supply industry. Newspapers like the Mail are already reporting empty shelves in supermarkets which of course leads to people panic buying which will then deplete the shelves further. 

There is already talk of rolling back on some of the freedoms that were given only days ago and the need for vaccine passports by September to allow people to attend large functions, particularly those held indoors. I can't see many being happy about that. 

The combination of being hot and bothered and facing difficulties stocking the larder is not good. Thankfully, the heatwave is not due to last. However, the forecast is for heavy rain and thunderstorms to follow. England is probably not a good place to be at the moment. 

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