Monday, July 12, 2021


 What should have been a huge celebration of football was turned sour. Not by the way the England team played nor by the fact that England lost but by the behaviour of fans.

There are reports in the papers of fans attacking the police before and after the game. Nineteen officers were injured. Apparently Trafalgar Square was trashed. 

Then fans stormed the gates and fought in an attempt to get into the stadium without tickets.

Booing the National Anthem of the opposing side and whistling when they have the play is nothing to be proud of. 

The worse thing though was the racial abuse of Bukayo Saka, 19, Marcus Rashford, 23, and Jadon Sancho, 21 who were targeted on social media over missing penalties. Would they have been subjected to the same abuse if they had been white players? On the basis of training, Southgate said they were the best hopes for scoring penalties. 

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