Sunday, December 19, 2021

Can someone explain?

 In April it was reported that just over 2% of Spaniards offered a coronavirus vaccine had rejected it. Those rejecting the vaccine have been registered. I don't have more recent figures but I imagine they are similar. 

By contrast, the Health Secretary in the UK says that 10% of the population - more than five million people - have still not taken up the offer of the vaccine, and that around nine out of 10 of those needing the most hospital care were unvaccinated.

Only this week there was a demonstration by the "antivaxxers" in London. At the same time there was a protest by those who wanted the Government to reject further measures to prevent the spread of Covid. 

I don't understand why, apart from medical reasons, anyone would refuse a vaccine that has been proven to reduce the chances of either contracting coronavirus or at least being seriously ill from it.

They may argue that it is their choice and by refusing the vaccine they are not endangering others. I don't believe that is entirely true. Those who are unvaccinated are likely to be the ones spreading the virus including to those who have been vaccinated. They are the ones taking up the majority of hospital beds putting unnecessary strain on the Health Service. 

I would love to hear a sound, well thought out reason why so many are refusing to be vaccinated. A friend of my eldest daughter says on Facebook that she has not been vaccinated but does not explain why. 

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vv said...

I think it is the power of social media. We saw how much it played a part in disseminating lies in the EU referendum. Many people are gullible and do not have the ability or understanding to evaluate what they read. Many people take films of historical events at face value and do not question the provenance of the sources.

I know an anti-vaxxer who took in all the stuff pumped out by Trump and refuses to let his 13 year old son be vaccinated because he has read 'it will make him impotent'.

You cannot present a logical argument to these people because they will not listen. The same in the referendum. It was pointless arguing with 'leavers' because they would not listen. I tried until I was blue in the face but it was pointless. There were rows, even within my own family, and the scars remain.