Monday, December 06, 2021

Could it get worse?

 Today I read in several newspapers an account from the Sunday Times about widespread use of cocaine in the Palace of Westminster. There is also mention of a whiff of cannabis in the areas where staff are allowed to smoke. 

It seems that swabs were taken in 12 toilets and in 11 of them there were traces of cocaine. These toilets are only open to those who have parliamentary passes, in other words MPs and staff. One of the toilets was close to the offices of the PM and another the Home Secretary. 

The Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, says that he will be calling in the Metropolitan Police to investigate and maybe use sniffer dogs to search out the class A drug. 

I might be being cynical here but surely, giving the offenders notice like this will mean that nothing will come of the search. I can't help but feel it would have been better to have kept this out of the news and just arranged a swoop on Westminster to catch the buggers red handed. 

Please excuse the pun but these people need to be "sniffed out" and made to  "toe the line". 

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