Wednesday, December 08, 2021

More cases of Covid in the family

 Our grandson, Rory, was the first member of  the family to be infected. Then our youngest daughter, Laura, and our son-on-law, David, caught the virus from Rory. At that time our granddaughter, Molly, escaped infection and tested negative.  

That didn't last because Molly has now tested positive for Covid as has our eldest daughter, Jemma. They will now both have to self isolate for 10 days which means they will be able to enjoy Christmas.

Molly, at 11 years of age, is displaying minor symptoms, Jemma though has what she describes as a bad cold. 

I'd like to able to say that, whilst Covid cases in the UK are on the rise, those in Spain remain steady but that is not true. The r rate here is above 1 which means that it is on the rise. 

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