Sunday, December 12, 2021

My predictions

Strictly Come Dancing fans, here are my predictions.

First of all the way the scoring works is this: 

The judges rank the couples in order (forget the total scores they get). This week there were four couples so the top one would normally get four points , then three, two and one. 

However, this week there were two couples at the top so they both got 4 points. The next couple got 3 and the bottom couple 2. 

The people's vote was also counted and again the top couple got 4 and the second 3 but, since it is virtually impossible for couples to get the same number of votes from the public, the third couple got 2 and the last couple 1. 

The two scores were then added together to find the two couples with the lowest totals.

From the scores last night and the results of previous weeks, I predict that those two would have been Rhys and Nancy and John and Johannes. 

Now, since Rhys got the lowest score from the judges, I predict he was the one who the judges eliminated. 

The BBC like to pretend that the results shows take place on Sunday but we all know that is not true. It follows straight on from the count of the public votes on Saturday.  

Next week will be the final where the three remaining contestants will dance for the Glitterball. 

Although all three have received perfect scores for their dances from the judges and could therefore be considered to have more or less equal chances, it will only be the public vote that will count in the final. 

I therefore predict that Rose will win unless she has a dreadful three dances next week. I base this on the results of online votes for the couple who the public think should win where Rose has consistently come out top.     

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