Friday, March 09, 2007


It seems that I rattled a few cages with my post on Saturday about "The power of telepathy".

Apparently the reason the AGM had not been publicised was because people are worried that a poster announcing a meeting might let 'robbers' know that our houses would be empty. So why has it been OK previously to put up posters advertising dances?

The other reason given was that there wasn't enough time to advertise the meeting because it had been organised in a hurry. I have to ask myself "what is the point in organising an important meeting and not letting everyone know about it?"

It seems that the Chinese whispers about the Mayor being asked to attend our AGM were untrue. However, we were told that a letter had been taken to the Mayor outlining our concerns for the urbanisation two weeks ago. Wouldn't it have been better to have waited until the AGM to get approval for that letter?

The Committee can't claim to represent our views if they don't ask us what they are. For example, we personally would not want to see speed bumps on the roads and I dare say there a quite a few others who feel the same. We are quite happy to go along with the consensus of opinion but definitely not happy to be directed by a minority viewpoint.

Lastly there was the question of how we should spend the ill-fated subscriptions that only a third of the residents paid. The Chairman was very keen to point out that only those who had paid should benefit. The suggestions from the floor of the meeting were; to buy palm trees in tubs to brighten up the urbanisation, to buy books for the proposed monthly Book Club or to buy seats for the park area where the office used to be.

Trees are a good idea but then the questions raised about "where they would be placed" and "who would water them" probably makes that suggestion a non- starter. It was even suggested that people would ask "why have they got a tree outside their house and we haven't got one outside ours". It was hard to believe that we were dealing with mature adults by that stage.

Don't get me wrong, the Committee do an excellent job of organising dances and we are very grateful to them for all their hard work in that direction but......

PS It was very pleasing that Les Rowlands received praise for his hard work in organising the Bigastro Golf Society. The Society is an excellent model of how to integrate effectively with the community in which we live. Les even allows the Spanish to win!!

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