Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Help me, I only speak English

I'm told that some people would like to sign up for the Bigastel service but don't understand the form because it is in Spanish. ¿Puedo ayudarte?

You have three ways to apply:
  1. You fill in the form that was delivered to your door
  2. You go on line to and select Preinscripción
  3. You go down to the Ayuntamiento and apply there
The information required on line is
  • Nombre - your first name
  • Appelidos - your family name(s)
  • Tipo Documento - select NIE
  • Num. Documento - your NIE number
  • Teléfono - can be a mobile phone number
  • Dirección - your street address including house number
  • Población - Bigastro
  • Provincia - Alicante
  • Fecha nacimiento - your date of birth
  • E-mail - if you have one
  • Acceso a Internet - select either 1 (mes) month or 12 (meses) months
  • ¿Desea correo electrónico gratuito? - select yes if you want a free email address (very useful because you can then configure Outlook Express to send and receive mail).
  • ¿Desea alojamiento web gratuito? - select yes if you want free web space to store pictures etc. or even create your own web site.
  • Servicio técnico a domicilio - tick yes if you want help setting it up.
If you fill in the form that was delivered to you they also ask for:
  • C.P. - the post code which is 03380
  • No de ordenadores - the number of computers you wish to connect
  • ¿Dispones actualmente de conexíon a Internet? - do you have a connection to the Internet at the moment and then Especifique cuál - who is it with.
That is it - simple!!

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