Friday, March 16, 2007

It's all good news

The waiting is almost over. Telefonica arrived this morning to start laying the cables that will at last provide us with landlines telephones. It will therefore only be a short time before they come to install the phones.

I understand also that more than fifteen people have now registered for the Bigastel Connectate system so that should happen within a month or so.

We will be so well connected up here; surfing and phoning all day long to our heart's content.

We went down to the garage to finalise the paperwork for our new car i.e. pay for it! In Spain, when they put plates on a new car they register it to the owner. Understandably therefore the garage wouldn't register our new car until we had paid for it. Sometime next week I will get a phone call to say that the car is ready for us to collect.

As luck would have it there was a Roomster in the garage in the same colour as ours and one outside on the road which was not only in the same colour but in the same specification. We think the colour is beautiful but then that is a matter of taste.

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adrienne said...

what wonderful information you provide. we have bought property in Bigastro but are not getting key til June .THANKS TO YOU WE ARE BUILDING UP A GREAT INSITE INTO bIGASTRO AND WAY OF LIFE. Could you update us on the road which subsided thanks to the building going on at los altos.The red show house is soon to be ours at los altos de la pedrera!