Friday, March 02, 2007

Chinese whispers

Rumours abound about the possible date for installation of our landline phones.

First off we would have them by Christmas. Then it was January - definitely! Possibly by February. Telefonica won't commence work until Calle Escocia is rebuilt. The latest, from someone who apparently knows everything, is that they will be here in two weeks time.

Go down to one of the Telefonica shops and they know nothing about it. Mind you they are just agents so may not be party to that sort of information anyway.

The definitive version is this:- landlines will be installed when the van arrives outside your house and not before. This will be proceeded by people installing the cables to the boxes in the roads; a process that will be accompanied by a very loud cheer audible throughout the development. So there is little chance that you will miss it. If you happen to be out on the day when this happens don't worry because there will be plenty of people eager to let you know.

Once the process is completed and those people who want phones have them, then we will start worrying about when the Hiperber supermarket on the corner of Calle Alemania and Calle Inglaterra is going to be built.

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