Tuesday, March 27, 2007

We'll loose our connection

Call 671358052 and speak to Keith McClure

When we changed over from Wi-Surf to Clear Communications some customers had their direct debits transferred to the new company. Those that didn't have enjoyed a free connection for nearly four months. I know most have tried to arrange payments but have been thwarted because it has proved impossible to get in touch with Clear Communications.

Keith McClure from Clear Communications phoned me today to say that he was planning to terminate our connection this Thursday. After a long conversation he agreed to leave the site connected for the moment.

Those who currently are not paying need to contact him urgently on the mobile number at the top of this post and make arrangements to pay otherwise he will pull the plug.

Keith McClure is prepared to accept payment month by month by credit card rather than going to the trouble to set up direct debits.

So if you are currently using the Clear Comms. connection but are not paying could you please phone him on 671358052 otherwise we will be high and dry until an alternative is available.

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