Friday, March 09, 2007

Any suggestions?

It appears that we have been invited to take part in this year's August Fiesta but have not organised anything so far.

Each year different neighbourhood groups called Camparsas parade through the streets of the town in fancy dress. The participants obviously go to a lot of trouble choosing a theme and costumes for the event.

If we are to take part we will have to come up with a theme and start preparing costumes. One suggestion was that we should parade as Guy Fawkes but that might just give the locals the idea that we are about to blow the town up!

So we have to think of something less threatening, possibly English but not trying to overshadow the essence of the parade.

Much scratching of heads followed by a lot of stitching is required.


Pete said...

Get your tambourines out Keith - it's Morris dancing any day of the week!

Andrew said...

I personally think you'd look very fetching in one of the above outfits Keith. .

Unless you are going for the more subtle approach

Keith & Pam Williamson said...

Well thank you Andrew. I don't suit either pink or lime green so it will have to be more subtle. Actually it is hard to imagine a combination that could be more garish.