Tuesday, March 20, 2007

You know it would be fun

So far there has been very little response to the excellent suggestion for our participation in the August fiesta.

If you remember my friend Pete from England suggested that we form a Morris Dancing troupe. I don't think he was considering anything too complicated - white trousers and shirts for the men and either white skirts or trousers and white blouses for the women. Straw hats with flowers and of course some red and blue ribbons around the arms and knees.

The troupe would need a simple dance routine to perform every fifty metres or so as they processed along the calles. It wouldn't need to be authentic or complicated after all the Spaniards would not be marking the performance on its merit just its fun quality.

If we don't have any takers or any other suggestions we'll just end up going down for the free beer, wine and food again!


andrea golf society-Alicante said...

you can count me in ,with whatever is decided,Sheila will proberly only watch.
Lets hope the commitee don´t hog it!

Keith & Pam Williamson said...

Thanks for that Les.

We might need a few more volunteers otherwise we could end up looking really stupid!