Monday, March 26, 2007

The Norwegian dentist

On Friday we paid our second visit to the dentist. In England we were registered with an NHS dentist and so paid NHS prices for treatment. Here in Spain there is no national health dentistry, all the practices are private.

We were recommended to try Smile (a great name for a dentist's) by one of their patients. We could have gone to a dentist in Bigastro but felt that we would have a better experience with someone who could speak English well.

Smile are in the process of moving to new premises close to Carrefour and so are easy to find. Being new, the place is smart, welcoming and very high tech.

Whilst in England the painful part was whilst you were sat in the chair, at Smile the pain comes at the cash desk. I've had two sessions of cleaning and Pam has had a session of cleaning and x-rays taken of a couple of teeth that need filling. I have one more session of cleaning to go and Pam will have two sessions of fillings. So far it has cost us 180€ which could well be doubled by the time we have finished.

Not as cheap as the NHS practice in England but a much better experience and better results.

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