Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hot it's not

I'm not referring to the weather which continues to be glorious.

I went out on my bike this morning for the first time in ages. I enjoyed the ride but my bum didn't like the saddle very much. Then we did our Spanish homework on the porch in the sun. That was enough work for one day, so we sunbathed by the pool for a few hours. It was so hot I decided it was time for a first dip in the pool. The best description for the temperature of the water is "refreshing". Still it cooled me down and allowed me to lay in the sun for an other hour or so.

We could hear a party going on up at the Pedrera. The music sounded more Moroccan than Spanish though and I thought I heard someone announce "Ponemos hoy la primera piedra de nuestro mosque" which if my Spanish is correct means "we lay today the first stone of our mosque". Only joking!!!

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Andrew said...

Doesn't take long to build those mosque's apparently - it should all be up and running in no time with the added bonus of new residents =]