Thursday, March 15, 2007

Going, going gone

Well it looks like nobody here wants my Epson inkjet printer so we are going to take it down to the Age Concern charity shop at La Siesta in the hope that they will either be able to use it or will sell it on.

I'm hoping to buy a new desktop computer within the next month or so. When I do my current machine will up for grabs. It is possible that when I buy the replacement, I'll get a bundle with a new monitor so I might be parting with the screen as well. Most new machines come with Windows Vista which means that my scanner will be obsolete because Canon have no plans to update the driver for my five year old version. I imagine I will end up taking the lot to Age Concern.

When we lived in England we used to keep stuff like this. We'd find a space in the loft or the garage and just store it. In our house in Spain we just don't have room to store things that we no longer use or need. So perfectly good working items have to go to either the bins or to the charity shop.

Ah well - que sera sera.

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