Friday, March 23, 2007

How it works

These are the diagrams which show how the Bigastrel system works.

Taking this a stage further by adding more nodes into the system. Once they have created the mesh of nodes then it will be possible to roam between them and maintain a connection.

You can find instructions (in Spanish) explaining how we will connect to the system here.

Users with a laptops or desktops without built in WiFi cards will use a wireless access point and follow Caso 1. Users with a computer with either a built in WiFi card or a PCMIA wirelsss card will follow Caso 2.

PS I should have made it clear that we can't access the Bigastrel system at Villas Andrea yet. The lady from the Ayuntamiento explained that, if 10 - 15 people pre-subscibed, then they would install the necessary aerials within a month or two. I understand that over 20 people have applied, so I imagine it is now just a matter of time before we are connected.

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Anonymous said...

hi, are you saying you have been told you can have the Bigastel system, because I called by the townhall yesterday and told it was not possible for me to receive it