Monday, March 05, 2007

Home-made-lemonade vicar?

We have so many lemons on our trees it seems a pity to waste them so one of our neighbours took a bagful to make lemon curd. There is only so much lemon curd you can eat though and it doesn't keep very well. So I thought about lemonade - typed "home-made lemonade" into Google and came up with pornography sites.

It seems that home-made lemonade is a term used to describe urine which some individuals apparently have a fetish for. No wonder parents worry so much about their children surfing the net.

Let me reassure anybody who comes to my house that if I offer you home-made lemonade it won't have been passed through my body.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'll remember to avoid typing it in to google if i ever feel the need to make lemonade with artificially grown ones in England.

Funnily enough, i was discussing what you might be doing with all the lemons, with my mother and that was what we came up with lol. .

Set up your little lemonade stall on the corner =]