Monday, March 19, 2007

Mañana is good enough for us

Yesterday we went down to John and Jean's house to help them celebrate their 46th wedding anniversary. We also wished the mothers present a Happy Mother's Day.

One of our neighbours, Mary Scott, had made a delicious lemon curd sponge and Jean had baked some tasty mince pies with the last of her mincemeat from England. John played the genial host by keeping the champagne flowing. It was a delightful occasion helped a lot by by the warm sunshine.

When we got back to our house, I lay in the sun for an hour or so then John and Jean came to share a Mexican meal with us. I have to admit my head is feeling the slight effects of a bit too much alcohol this morning but then we don't have to go to work so it doesn't matter!

We had planned to take John and Jean to Ikea today in our new car but of course Ikea is shut for Father's Day and we haven't got the car yet. So we'll go next week - mañana!

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