Thursday, March 22, 2007

This is even spookier

We went into Torrevieja yesterday to pick up my contact lenses and to buy some cards. After stopping at McDonald's to try out their new bacon Mc Nifica, we called in to Ardy, the DIY shop, for some bits and pieces.

As we came out, ready to head back home, Pam got a call from Carmen at the garage to say that our Roomster was ready for us to collect. I had considered taking the documents I needed with us in case the car was ready but decided it was unlikely to be available until at least Thursday if not Friday.

Carmen was very keen for us to collect the car straight away. She obviously didn't want other customers finger marking it or dirtying the mats. So we had to come back to Bigastro and then drive back down to Torrevieja to Rubio Mar.

Whilst we were sorting out the insurance, the other salesman went to look at the Fabia we were trading in. It was the first time they had looked at my old car. It would have been too late to change the trade-in price so I imagine they were just confirming where it was. When he came back, the salesman said my old car was better than new. If he looks at it more closely he will see that isn't quite true!

Having completed all the paperwork and had a quick demonstration of our new car, we set off back to Bigastro. I had to drive carefully; not just because it was a new car but because the fuel tank was almost empty. By the time we got back to the petrol station in Bigastro the computer was telling me we had 0 Kms worth of diesel left. The tank is full now and my pocket 55€ lighter.

Our first impressions are very good. The ride is smooth, the seats are excellent, the engine noise less intrusive and the gear box is not as notchy as the one in the Fabia. Don't get me wrong, the Fabia was a great little car it is just that this seems better.

Now this is the really spooky part. We used the some of the money that my Father left me in his will to help buy the car. When I saw the number on the plate I realised straight away that this was meant to be because when he was in the police my Father's number was 638; the car is 0638 FMM.

PS We love the colour. The dark grey metallic of the Fabia was very smart but not really us. We think Ocean Blue suits our personalities much better.

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