Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hey ho

First off the dwarves performed much better this week during rehearsals. There are still a lot of rough edges that need to be worked on but we are starting to get there.

Secondly: hey ho - the wind doth blow. This time last year we arrived back from England to find our cane fencing blown down following gale force winds here in Spain.

Well, after a calm start this morning, the wind has picked up to gale force with very strong gusts this afternoon. The wires that I used on the side fence are holding most of that in place but the back and the front fencing, which was held with nylon ties, is lying on the floor. The furniture has shifted all over the place and the pony tail palm tree has blown over.

Pam decided that her washing would blow dry nicely. Well it would have done if the screws that held the lies to the wall hadn't pulled out depositing the clothes on the patio.

I can probably fix the fence back up but it will look tatty. So we may have to consider a more permanent solution i.e. having the walls at the side and back built up higher to give us our privacy.

Anybody know a decent builder?

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