Saturday, March 03, 2007

The power of telepathy

We knew that the Residents' Committee were due to call an AGM because it is over 12 months since the last one. We only found out by accident that the meeting is scheduled for this Thursday. There is no notice on the Community noticeboard, nothing on the board up at the Pedrera and nobody has been around to tell us. It's almost as if the Committee are relying upon the powers of telepathy to keep us informed about these things.

Apparently the Mayor of Bigastro has been invited to the meeting to answer questions relating to the development. Well, I have to say he failed to turn up to court last week because he had flu, so I hope he is well enough to attend on Thursday. If he does turn up it might be less embarrassing for him to face a full audience. No doubt he will give the answers you would expect, considering we are just months before the local elections.

Ah well que sera sera.

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