Saturday, March 17, 2007

All the buses come together

Just to confuse matters further!

When we first arrived we wanted an Internet connection and a phone but there were very few options available to us. Now it seems there are so many it is difficult to choose. These are some of the choices:-
  1. First we have the hybrid Wi-Fi/microwave connection via Clear Communications. Since it seems to be impossible to contact them it would be very difficult for new customers to sign up. Cost 40,60€ per month. Set up cost was originally 600€ including a phone.
  2. There is the Aeromax route which uses Wimax and costs 45€ per month for a phone and a 512Mb connection with a 500€ set up fee.
  3. Then we have the Bigastrel Wi-Fi system which offers 1Mb for 8,33€ per month with no set up fee but you would need a wireless router.
  4. Once we have the phone lines we can take advantage of a offer of 32,90€ per month for 1Mb ADSL including a free router, national calls and line rental.
  5. Finally skyDSL offer a satellite connection for 9,90€ per month which includes 500Mb per month of download at 2Mbs. The uplink is via a mobile phone which is an additional cost. Until the end of April their offer includes a free PCI card, free satellite dish and free set-up.
There are of course other options e.g. there are various phone/ADSL packages from Europa, Telefonica, Jazztel and There are also other providers that use the Eutelsat satellite system and possibly other companies that offer a Wimax connection.

So you pays your money and makes your choice!

Oh how easy it is for my daughter in England. She has a 6Mb ADSL connection which costs her £6.50 per month.


Stephan Bergmann said...

Hello Pam, hello Keith.

Just a thing to option (1) ClearCom: it's only Wi-Fi, but no WiMAX they do/did. - And option (5) SkyDSL: there is only included Downlink, so the Uplink has to be done via telephone line or mobile phone Internet connection - both creating extra charges.

Greetings. Have a nice weekend.

Stephan Bergmann

Keith & Pam Williamson said...

The Clear Comms. connection is by WiFi from the house to the Pedrera and then by microwave to their base station. I assume that part of the link is a similar system to WiMax.

We had looked at the SkyDSL system before we signed up with WiSurf and dismissed it because of the extra cost of using a mobile phone for uploaded data.

Thank you for reminding me of that.