Monday, August 31, 2009

Accounts are cleared

There were 90 odd Euros left in the now defunct Villas Andrea Residents’ accounts. At a recent meeting, we all agreed to donate this money to the Pensioners' Club in Bigastro.

Gordon and Ann, the reigning Third Age King and Queen, presented a cheque for 100€ on behalf of all the residents to the president of the club last night. In accepting the donation, D. Antonio Rodriguez Guillén thanked all the residents of Villas Andrea for their generosity.

For those who don’t know about the club:-

The Club de la Tercera Edad was founded in 1985 by D. Manuel Granero Saez, the old policeman of the town.

In 1987 Manuel Juan Villanueva took over as president. It was he who inaugurated the Centro Social Integrado as the new premises for the club to meet in.

From 1990 until 1994, D. Joaquín Costa Personal was president. D. Antonio Rodriguez Guillén succeeded him and is the current president.

The Centro de la Tercera Edad is open every day including Sunday evenings when they organise a dance for members.

Their club organises a variety of activities including; trips to commercial premises (factory trips), week end trips and a special trip following the August Fiesta. They also organise a special Christmas dinner which happens to be in May.

During the Fiesta, the club holds a party of its own out in the street. Members also take part in the parade of comparsas in fancy dress.

To join the Pensionistas' you need to visit the Centro Social Integrado and find the President’s office. To qualify for membership you must be either 60 years old or have retired early.

You need to take with you:

* a photocopy of your national identity document (NIE for we ex-pats)
* 2 passport sized photographs for your membership card.

The cost of membership according to the Bigastro web site is 1 Euro per month. I think it may be more than that now.

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